The Benefits of the GHP

As we revealed yesterday, Regan and I recently completed the Gut Healing Protocol by Kale Brock.

The protocol goes for 8 weeks, and although tough, we have both reaped multiple rewards from tweaking our diets and restoring gut health.

We have created a list of the benefits we each experienced during and at the end of the 8 Weeks. At the beginning of the GHP we struggled with some detox symptoms, which we combated with lots of lemon water, green tea and extra rest.

Slowly, the benefits began to emerge for each of us. They evolved over the 8 Weeks, culminating in both of us feeling fantastic at the end. We both agreed that it was one of the best things we’ve done, and it was even better to do it together.

Regan’s Benefits:

  • Weight loss – 11kg total


Megan’s Benefits:

  • Weight loss – 4kg total
  • Sustained energy through the day
  • Clear skin
  • No bloating
  • More focus
  • Decreased (and eventually eliminated) sugar cravings
  • Better sleep

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