The Benefits of the GHP

As we revealed yesterday, Regan and I recently completed the Gut Healing Protocol by Kale Brock.

The protocol goes for 8 weeks, and although tough, we have both reaped multiple rewards from tweaking our diets and restoring gut health.

We have created a list of the benefits we each experienced during and at the end of the 8 Weeks. At the beginning of the GHP we struggled with some detox symptoms, which we combated with lots of lemon water, green tea and extra rest.

Slowly, the benefits began to emerge for each of us. They evolved over the 8 Weeks, culminating in both of us feeling fantastic at the end. We both agreed that it was one of the best things we’ve done, and it was even better to do it together.

Regan’s Benefits:

  • Weight loss – 11kg total


Megan’s Benefits:

  • Weight loss – 4kg total
  • Sustained energy through the day
  • Clear skin
  • No bloating
  • More focus
  • Decreased (and eventually eliminated) sugar cravings
  • Better sleep

Setting Goals – Should you do the GHP?

We’ve had awesome feedback on our Gut Healing Protocol post, and lots of people are asking the question “Do you think I should do it?” In one, simple word- yes. Yes, I do. Everyone can benefit from healing their gut and reaping the rewards that come with it. But, it’s important to evaluate for yourself and ask some hard hitting questions before you undertake any project/decision/life change if you really want to commit.

So, here’s my top list of important Q’s to answer, before you take the plunge: Any plunge, really. New job, moving house, starting a course, or perhaps doing the GHP!

Q:  What is Your Why?

Why are you at these cross-roads, and what has happened to make you evaluate this information as useful? This is deep one. Really ask yourself why you want to change what you are doing.

Considering the GHP: Take a moment to dig deep, and get to the bottom of why you need to make some changes to heal your gut. Research what gut health is, and if this is an area you need to improve, ask ‘why?’ Write it down.

Q: Where do you want to be in 2 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months (and years) from now?

Seriously, reach for the stars here. Think forward, and of all possibilities. What does your heart truly desire for your future? Write down the things that you would do, if money/time/resources weren’t an issue.

If you want to be healthier, happier and wealthier; consider the person you envision yourself to be when you’ve achieved your goals. What do you look like, where are you, what does a normal day look like for you?

Considering the GHP: Where do you see your health being, two years from now? If it wouldn’t be improving with the things you are doing now, consider what an 8 Week change could achieve for your health.

Q. How Can I Move Myself Towards My Goals?

Write down your BIG dreams, and then break them down into baby steps. What are the small things you could do everyday that could take you closer to your goals.

Consider that your days, weeks, months and years are made up of small moments that may at times seem insignificant. We are the sum of these small tasks and moments and they edge us towards the future that we work towards.

What small habits could you start today, that will pay you back in 2 years time? Don’t hold off. Don’t hesitate to start editing your life, even in minute ways to achieve a life that you love.

Considering the GHP:  Break down your big dream into small habits. To become a healthier you, the easiest way is to take it one bite at a time. If you need help installing new habits in your life, consider that an eight week program is a small investment now, for the you of the future.

Note: We do not have an affiliation with the GHP, we simply believe it to be an excellent protocol that we have tried ourselves and wish to share our experience with others.