We Completed A Gut Healing Protocol!

Regan and I recently went through an 8 week cleanse/lifestyle change. We have had so many questions about it, we’ve decided to share it here, with our lovely readers.

The protocol we used was the 8 Week Gut Healing Protocol by Kale Brock. Essentially we did 8 weeks, eliminating inflammatory foods and introducing healing foods for the gut.

‘Gut health’ is such a buzz term right now, and for good reason. There is research showing the link between the health of our digestive system and many other areas of our health; including weight, energy, and mental state.The gut is even being considered the body’s ‘second brain‘- it’s definitely worth investing time and effort to maintaining your gut’s health.

As many of you guys know, we eat pretty clean. I thought that the 8 weeks would be a breeze because of this, but it turns out that even though you eat clean- your gut may not be balanced with good bacteria (more on our experience later). This balance is a fluid state, of course, depending on various factors. With the help of the protocol, we were able to create a healing state for the gut and sustain it for 8 weeks, allowing our systems to heal deeply, without interference from inflammatory foods.

Kale has designed the protocol to be simple, affordable and attainable; but best of all- healing. All of these factors influenced our decision to undertake the challenge. Kale has provided lots of excellent background information, to give the reader an understanding of how the gut works and interacts with the rest of the body. In simple terms, he gives great scientific information supporting his strategy to restore your gut health.

A quick overview of Kale’s protocol:

  1. Read the book. Get a good understanding of what gut health looks like, and the benefits of a healthy gut.
  2. Learn about what different foods do for the gut. Kale also has defined foods according to whether they will promote the healing state or not; essentially an ‘Eat this’, ‘Don’t eat this’ list forming the foundation of the GHP.
  3. Then you get started with a 1 week gentle cleanse. Simply changing your breakfast for one week, in the lead up to 8 weeks. Easy!
  4. After that, it’s 8 weeks of gut healing following a basic formula for how to structure your meals with key ingredients.
  5. A gentle re-integration and introduction of other foods after the GHP is finished.

The GHP has instilled some great eating and lifestyle habits for us both. We structure our meals more thoughtfully, and with the intention of keeping our bacteria balanced.

Both Regan and I saw some excellent improvements to our health. The improvements have been so good, that we have decided to go back for another 8 Weeks and use Kale’s protocol to heal, but also introduce some different sources of probiotics to boost the good bacteria.

Over the coming weeks we will be writing more about our experience on the GHP and we’ll be starting our second round as well. Subscribe on the right -> if you’d like an email update on our journey.