3 ways to make your food stretch!

To make your real food stretch further, it’s important to reduce waste. As the old adage goes: waste not, want not. The average Australian family discards 20% of their total grocery shop. 20%- that is 1 of every 5 grocery bags that are going in the bin, instead of on the table! That is literally money you are throwing away.

Three simple ways to reduce food waste:

  1. Before you even shop, evaluate what you have and make a shopping list and meal plan based on that. I can’t emphasis enough- plan your meals!
  2. Eat the left overs. Finish smaller meals on the side with breakfast. Don’t toss left over veges; turn them into fritters, or a vege bake/frittata with some eggs and kefir.
  3. Use your scraps and bones to make broth. I toss Β trimmings, seeds, peels, ends and anything else in the freezer, as I’m preparing dinners. At the end of the week I put it all in the slow cooker with water and herbs- so easy!

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