Healthy Hack: Coconut Cream and Milk

I have been doing this for years, and when I told one of my friends about it- they couldn’t believe how well it worked.

It’s a little secret to stretching your dollar a little further and also decreasing the amount of items in your pantry (ours is very tiny, so any extra space is always welcome!).

The secret is this; you can make coconut milk out of coconut cream. I simply water down coconut cream- I always buy it ‘full fat’, none of this lite or skim rubbish.

I usually mix it half:half, coconut cream:filtered water to get a nice balance. Sometimes if the coconut cream is very solid, I’ll add a few teaspoons of hot water to soften it, and stir in the rest of the room temperature water.

Seriously, give it a go!

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