Cultured Butter Recipe- 2 Ingredients + a Mason Jar

Using a culture to ferment dairy is the most simple way to introduce probiotics and reduce lactose content. If butter is an ingredient that is part of your diet, then sourcing your own organic cream can be all you need to have beautiful, homemade AND CULTURED butter without additives or preservatives.

2 Ingredients, and all you need is a mason jar!

cultured butter

Using kefir grains to introduce a hit of vitamins and good bacteria to your cream takes this from an average butter recipe to one that is cultured, and highly beneficial to your gut. All you have to do is pop it in a jar and leave it on the bench ferment. A few more steps, and voila- you have butter!

Read here for more information about kefir grains.Β 


Cream (try and find organic, unhomogenised)

Kefir Grains


Step 1: Add cream to a clean glass jar. Have a jar that is big enough to be filled about half way with the cream.

cultured butter3

Step 2: Shake the jar for a few minutes to thicken the cream. Add the kefir grains, and leave the jar on the bench.

Step 3: After 1-2 days, the cream will be the consistency of whipped cream and smell a bit like yoghurt.

cultured butter2

Step 4: Strain off the kefir grains from the cream, and place the cream back in a jar.

Step 5: Shake the jar until the butter separates from the buttermilk. When you hear a ‘thud’ when you’re shaking the jar this is usually when the butter has separated out.

Step 6: Strain off the buttermilk (keep it for baking!) and rinse the yellow butter under cold water.

cultured butter1

Step 7: Try and rinse off all the butter miik, as this is what causes the butter to age faster and it won’t keep as well.

Step 8: Knead the butter with your hands and continue rinsing until the water runs clear. Place back in the jar (make sure it’s clean) and shake for another minute. This gives it a smoother texture.

Step 9: Rinse again under cold water, and store in a jar. Add a pinch of Himalayan salt if you want salted butter.

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