Little Big Sugar Salt – Melbourne Breakfast Adventure

Little Big Sugar Salt is a quaint cafe, in North Richmond. With ambiguous signage, we wondered along the street and almost walked straight past.

Ordering our coffees, and after not-too-long an almond milk cap and espresso arrived. The almond milk was absolutely delicious, after complimenting the waiter, he told us it was made in house. Almonds, water, salt a date or two, just the way it should be.


On entering, a small open kitchen, coffee machine and bench seat gives the deceptive appearance that there isn’t much more to the cafe. The friendly wait staff directed us to find a table, and after turning a corner, we found a hallway leading to an enchanted communal dining area.


Art work, adorning the walls.


A hipster menu, disguised as a newspaper was delivered. Full of irony and intended puns, we sifted through the findaword, recipes and finally found a succinct menu of ‘sweet’, ‘salt’ and ‘sandwiches’.


Regan’s ‘R. Swanson’ dedicated to the Parks and Rec fans: pulled pork, double smoked ham, egg, manchego, pickles, mustard;

my ‘The One’: kim chi, sticky kumara, poached eggs and cashew cream cheese.

All day breakfast, yes please.


My kumara really wasn’t very sticky, but I was completely full of good fats, protein and vegan/dairy free/gluten free goodness. They really do cater for all sorts of dietary requirements.

Regan’s breakfast arrived on bread, which wasn’t mentioned on the menu. With a whole newspaper, you’d think they would be able to fit that kind of detail in.


The wash room was pinterest worthy. Seriously, go, just to wash your hands.


With the size of kitchen/cooking facilities available, we were surprised at the quality of the food that arrived at our (probably reclaimed) wooden table. Retro, contrary, hipster details made this a conversation-stimulating experience. The selection of hot sauces in the wooden condiment box kept Regan occupied for a good few minutes.


This is a picture of the small, blue sign, proclaiming the location of Little Big Sugar Salt. Or, look for the stunning arch windows… visit:Β to see their website.

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