Ampers& is a little cafe, tucked away on a busy street, where you have to navigate across 2 lanes of traffic and dodge oncoming trams to get to the other side. Alternatively, you could park on the same side of the street which seems logical now I’ve thought about it. But it only makes sense to reward yourself for surviving the busy crossing, with a coffee and sneaky late lunch. Is 3pm still afternoon tea time if you haven’t eaten at midday?


Back to Ampers&, where the pallette is neutral, and the lines are so clean that my heart skips a beat.


I want to hug whoever was in charge of the glorious design. Small details breathe effortless cohesion as you walk from the front of house through to a rear dining area, complete with mounted deer head (please be fake :/).


Scandinavian-minimalistic-chic at it’s best; matte black tiles, hexagonal marble counter and a bicycle on the wall. It really doesn’t get much better. The service was friendly, the guys behind the counter having a friendly chat with the customers and chuckling at the fact that they felt the need to clean the coffee machine before the coffee cleaner man came later that day. Oh, Melbourne ❤ so proud of our coffee and machines.


The coffee was great. You just need to try it. Regan had a double expresso, I went with hot chocolate and returned a few days later for a cappuccino. Both seriously good.


I ordered Avocado (GF) toast, with a rocket salad and zingy salsa ($15), Regan ordered the tamari and sesame salad (chinese cabbage, wombok, marinated chicken wings) ($16).


We even had a sneaky dessert, a hazelnut meringue cupcake with cream cheese icing. Gluten free, definitely not clean/green, but so good.


Beautiful succulents and botanicals garnished tables and filled the nooks. The air was clean paired with a tidy, spacious layout. The menu was limited, but what they served, was done well and with great pride. A little on the expensive side for what we would normally choose, but with a heavy workload at uni this semester, we deserve a little ‘Treat Yo’ Self’ day every now and then.


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