An Interesting little Psychology experiment

A few days ago I took a pair of loafers to the Shoe Man and asked for a quote to re-sole and heel my worse-for-wear shoes. (You see, I would rather re-sole a worn in pair of shoes and get another year or two out of them, than buy a new pair. Especially if I’m in love with the style of shoe, and repairing is far more sustainable than purchasing.)

Anyway, the guy quoted me $50 and next day pick up.

So to social media I went, placing a shout out on a local facebook group asking for recommendations for a cheaper repair. “Ask for Tim” was the response, referring to the same shop I went to originally.

I was heading that way anyway, so I went back, and guess who was at the counter? Tim. The same Tim who quoted me a few days ago.

Not sure how this was going to go, I smiled sweetly, and told him he was highly recommended to me. It seems he didn’t remember our previous interaction; This time, he quoted me $40 and 1 hour pick up- on the same pair of shoes.

I learnt a valuable lesson in a practical setting.
People like to feel important, competent, useful. The small act of acknowledging a person for who they are can make all the difference. Be kind, and they will usually return the favour. And next time, ask for Tim.

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