Starting your Mornings Right

I’ve heard it a lot, and in fact I’ve also said it a lot. We make these statements about how we feel around morning time.

“I struggle to get out of bed in the morning”

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed”

“It’s so cold, I don’t want to get out of bed!”

I really haven’t thought about it until now, but getting out of bed is a significant part our routine. The way we rise and go about our morning can dictate the rhythm for the rest of our day.

Sleep experts, Psychologists and, business experts say it and we all have thought it. Making the most of our sleep, mornings and rituals determines our achievements throughout the day (and perhaps, therefore our ‘success’).

I have touched on sleep before, and it is something that I am still trying to pin down- but let’s discuss some morning rituals to launch you into your day.

  1. Set an alarm. Try and wake up at a regular time, this will help regulate your circadian rhythm and give your body a cue for consistent sleep and waking patterns.
  2. Drink water! Immediately after waking up, have a big glass of water. Your body has just been resting, cleansing and repairing itself over night- reward it and wake your system up with some gentle rehydration.
  3. Oil Pull. Read about this here.
  4. Drink some warm lemon water. Flush those toxins!
  5. Get moving. Wake your beautiful body up with some exercise. This could be as simple as stretching, dancing or going for a jog.
  6. HAVE BREAKFAST. I really can’t emphasize this step enough. Break the fast. Boost your metabolism and set the tone of your energy for the day with a simple meal. If you are pressed for time, make this the night before. Don’t brush breaky off. Put as much effort (if not more) effort into planning and accommodating breakfast as you would for any other main meal.
  7. Use an essential oil to boost your energy, focus thinking, and clear your mind. Check out a list of oils and their benefits at Aromatherapy experts Twenty8 follow the link here.
  8. Make a list of tasks for the day. Kick start your productivity by visualizing what you need to get done, write it down and get to it.

Create a routine, system, ritual (whatever you want to call it) for your mornings, in order to achieve an on optimum start to your day.

Head over to our facebook page, and share your morning routine with us, we would love to hear what you do!


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