20 Minute Study Hack

It was the first day of SWOTVAC (the week of study, without lectures, prior to exams). I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. The sheer amount of content made me want to curl up and wish it all would disappear (ok, I actually did this… it didn’t work). I messaged my friend Kat, and as usual she had some wise advice:

Set a timer for 20 minutes. Study one thing. Study for the whole 20 minutes.Β 

So, I got my environment prepared: a quiet nook, green tea, knee rug, good lighting, print outs and notes. A bunny by my side.

Got my phone out, put it on flight mode and set that timer for 20 minutes.

I focused on one specific thing to revise and learn, and before I knew it, my iPhone car horn alarm was sounding. Seriously, already? The time flew, and I just kept on studying. This process had given me a mindset reset. It put my head in the game because it seemed totally manageable and I felt capable that I could achieve the task.

Sometimes, that’s all we need. Break down our task- no matter how large or insurmountable it may seem. Set yourself up for success, and just do it!

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