June Challenge

Hi Clean Greenies!
It has been a long while, and I apologise for my absence.

Our May challenge wasn’t documented, because, well, it didn’t happen.

I could construct some cute challenge we did everyday during May, but the reality is- we didn’t. Sadface. Further to this, my blogging motivation has been eroding. It’s like excercise and any good habit; it needs to be maintained to gather momentum and consistency. Therefore, it makes total sense for our June challenge to be: Blogging Everyday.

Yep, that’s right kids- you heard it here first. This blog is going to be bursting with new pics, posts, tips and recipes to keep you Clean and Green. We are coming into winter here in Australia, tonight is winter-eve. I’m so excited to delve into soups and nourishing, hot comfort foods. Out comes the slow cooker, on goes the heater, and up comes lots of posts.

Stay tuned. Check back daily to keep us accountable. Let’s do this challenge!