How I Turned Myself Into A Morning Person in One Month

I did it! I can’t believe I did it! I actually woke up early, every single day for March. I did confess previously, that I did have an 8am sleep in, and this is the latest I slept for the whole month. Even when I was beyond exhausted, even when we had a late night, even when we had a cold snap in the weather and being snuggled in the doonas was the best option for survival.

I have turned myself into a morning person in just one month. How did I do it?

1. I Set an Alarm. Sometimes Two. 

I hate alarms. I detest their sound, their disturbance and the sheer thought of being woken up with noise. However, my body became accustomed to routine and I found myself waking up a few minutes before my alarm was due to chime, and gratefully turned it off.

I always allowed 2 hours of morning time when setting my alarm. So, if we had an 8.30am lecture at uni, my alarm was set for 6.30am. I found 2 hours to be just the right amount to get everything done, in a calm and relaxed manner.

2. I Got Out of Bed.

This may seem obvious, but in my previous slothen life of 10am wake ups, and strict ‘no plans before lunch’ policy I would wake up when I was ready and then stay in bed for an extra however long. But with my new scheme, the only way to not doze back to dream land was to seize the day.

3. I Made a Morning Routine.

In the first hour, I had the house tidied, a sink full of warm suds for the morning’s dishes, breakfast on, any washing put on, and rabbits tended to. I also included a strict regimen of taking my herbal remedies and having foods that helped me kick start the day. I felt accomplished, set up for success and ready for the rest of the day, all before 8am!

4. I Drank Water.

Before my feet hit the floor in the morning, I have a glass of water. After I take my herbs, I have another glass of water. And then a glass of Kombucha with breakfast. No coffee at all. Just gorgeous, hydrating water and digestion-boosting Booch.

5. I Connected with Nature.

At night, I took note of the dark (sounds weird, I know, but it helped). I limited our artificial lighting to what was necessary and this even naturally prompted us to have an early dinner. Eating earlier helped me to wind down earlier; it’s also not good to go to bed while the body is still digesting food vigourously.

I left our blinds open to invite natural light into our room for waking up; and after rising I spent some time outdoors soaking up the first morning rays with my rabbits. This regulated my circadian rhythm within about 3 sleeps, and it wasn’t long before I fell in love with the first hours of day.

6. I Became Present & No Screen Time Pre-bed.

This one was hard. Not the yoga, but the screen time. I find social media a nice way to wind down. But it’s actually non-productive and a distraction to routine, don’t even get me started on the emitted ‘blue light’ that disrupts our ability to fall asleep.

Instead, I did ‘yoga or pilates for sleep’. I just typed that in to Youtube, found a spot on my lounge room floor, and stretched away. This helped relieve any pent up stress from the day, and regulated my breathing very quickly. I also found my sleep to be more restful and I woke up feeling refreshed and energized.

7. I Didn’t Sleep in on Weekends.

Before, I committed the weekends to sleeping, study and socialising. And definitely Brunch. However, a sleep in past 7.30 actually made me feel worse. I have read about this before, and I’m not sure why it is, but if I slept past 7-7.30 I felt more tired than if I was to just get up at the ascribed time. Not sleeping in on weekends also allowed my body to fall into routine and this made Monday mornings so much easier than they have ever been!


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