April Challenge: Eat No Meat

This is not an April fools joke, I repeat, this is no joke. A new month = a new challenge. We will eat no meat for the month of April.

Why? Many reasons…

But mainly, I really don’t like the thought of eating animals. I look at my furry babies, and I think that I eat their kin (not rabbits, in particular) just meat in general, and I can’t help but think it isn’t fair. Sometimes (not always), we eat meat 3 times a day!

Bacon at breakfast, leftover meat at lunch and then meat for dinner. How excessive is that?! When I think to myself that eating ‘Lamb’ is really eating a baby sheep, my heart aches. During our travels last year, we went to New Zealand. We saw sheep galore, and it was lamb season. When driving through the rolling terrain of lush, green country-side I saw lambie after lambie suckling from their mama’s and wagging their little tails.  How could I eat a defenseless baby sheep, and call myself an advocate for animals?

animal rights
Taken from veganonline.com


When I really start to break it down, the thought of eating meat honestly sickens me. The in-congruence between my thoughts and actions ends in April.

I also believe that my body functions better when I don’t eat meat. I feel lighter, easier and my digestion feels so much more efficient.

This doesn’t mean it will be easy though. I am going cold turkey, which research on habit forming/breaking doesn’t support as an effective method of breaking a long term habit. But sometimes the best way to get something done is to simply begin. In the past we have eaten vegetarian for a week, and this was sustainable for us (and cheap!). I will also refrain from sugar, most dairy, gluten and refined ingredients.

Either way, I will start now. Stay tuned and go and like us on Instagram to follow our vego meals: @cleangreenstudents

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