The Revival of Oil Pulling: Lydia’s Story

It seems my last few posts have sparked some interest in oil pulling! Yay! A few friends have messaged me, saying that they’ve tried oil pulling in the mornings since reading the post. This is so exciting, so  I contacted a few fellow oil pullers, and asked them to share their story. I hope to broaden the information available to people; this is an amazing practice to daily cleanse your body. If you have any questions, please ask!

Lydia is a fellow Melbourne dwelling, Chiro student. With an ethical approach to living a whole food, plant based lifestyle, Lydia is all too familiar with the concept of ‘Clean & Green’. I’m so grateful she has written this piece, to help spread the message of the goodness that OP can bring. This is lovely Lydia’s oil pulling story:

lydia hill

My experience with oil pulling began when a friend and chiropractor that I admire posted on her website about the benefits of this weird practice where you let oil (yuck) float around in your mouth for a while every morning (gross). I was not encouraged or inspired. The next time I heard mention of it yet another healthy mentor of mine was talking about it and it got me wondering, if these very sensible, fad-avoiding, health goddesses were so excited by this bizarre practice perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

I did my research (with the limited resources out there) and decided to take the leap and try incorporating it into my morning regime. Who doesn’t want; stronger teeth and gums, better breath, less bleeding gums, whiter teeth and stronger jaw muscles? There seemed to be no adverse side effects mentioned anywhere, even by those shunning the practice as crazy.

I made the commitment to oil pulling for 6 weeks. I got my hands on some organic, extra virgin coconut oil and I began. To put it lightly I was not impressed, it felt awful, I wasn’t used to the feeling of actively swishing something around my mouth and I was self-conscious of the funny noise I made while I did it. But I am strong willed, even when only up against myself, so I persevered. By day 3 I got used to the feeling of the oil, I realised it didn’t feel like olive oil or anything like that, it was just like a smooth, mild tasting gel. My jaw muscles adjusted to the swishing. I stopped caring about the noise and I fell in love!

I noticed almost immediately little to no blood when I spat out my tooth paste, which had been a regular occurrence for many years. These days I wake up with minimal morning breath that reduced over time, my teeth are probably 2-3 shades whiter and I haven’t had a mouth ulcer since I began oil pulling. It has become a pleasant and comforting daily ritual. When my housemate and I are oil pulling at the same time, it gives a 10 minute window of peace and quiet in the mornings (except for the duet of funny sucking noises, identifiable only by a fellow oil puller).

Everyone may do it slightly differently but my morning ritual goes something like this: Wake (often unwillingly), shuffle to kitchen, retrieve spoon and jar of coconut oil labelled OP, take heaped teaspoon of oil and place into cheek to allow to melt, pull melted oil around mouth, through teeth and over tongue for 10-20 minutes (prepare breakfast and perhaps get dressed while quiet and reflective), spit oil into bin (NOT SINK! COCONUT OIL HARDENS WHEN COLD AND WILL BLOCK YOUR DRAINS AND RUIN YOUR LIFE!), brush teeth with fluoride free toothpaste on cute bamboo toothbrush, drink 1L of cold lemon water, enjoy breakfast and begin the day with a positive outlook and an extremely happy mouth. Some may question brushing your teeth before eating breakfast but it actually makes sense. Dentists recommend waiting 30 minutes after eating before brushing your teeth. This is because the acid from food softens the enamel on your teeth and then brushing soon afterwards can damage them.

Now I don’t know about you but I am nowhere near organised enough in the mornings to allocate 30 minutes after eating before brushing my teeth, I’m more of a spoon hanging out of mouth, brush hanging out of hair, running down the stairs two by two kind of morning person. So as long as you use mild tasting toothpaste like mine (Grant’s natural toothpaste, mild mint with aloe vera) changing the order of your morning shouldn’t be too traumatic.

I wish you good luck, try to enjoy alarming friends and loved ones with your new morning routine, if they question you, just dazzle them with your gorgeous white smile.

One thought on “The Revival of Oil Pulling: Lydia’s Story

  1. Crafty Coin

    I literally just started oil pulling this morning! Last week on my 9 Favorite Ways to Use Coconut Oil, I had a lot of readers tell me they love it for oil pulling. I’d tried it once before and couldn’t decide if it was beneficial or not and quickly stopped. This time I’m giving it a real go!


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