Primal Pantry – Toowoomba Adventure

During our time away in sunny Queensland, we visited our old haunts and tried out some new places. Primal Pantry has come up numerous times in my social media, so when my sister asked where I wanted to go for breakfast… Well, we all know what I said.

My sister, Hannah <3
My sister, Hannah ❤

A perfect, Wednesday blue sky kinda morning for a late Paleo breakfast was everything I needed after a long few days of work & travel.

primal pantry8

A philosophy based cafe; Paleo mantras on the wall, high airy ceilings with lots of natural light made me feel right at home.

primal pantry9

There is nothing more joyous than eating out, in a place aligned with my personal beliefs around food and health.

primal pantry3

Gluten free, grain free, dairy free, whole foods. Woohoo!

A choc power smoothie with kale, banana, cacao and protein satisfied my liquid breakfast cravings.

primal pantry5

A sneaky, holiday coffee with coconut milk was delicious.

primal pantry6

My gorgeous sister, Hannah had banana choc chip bread, with berry coulis and coconut cream.

primal pantry2

Reasonably priced, with cabinets full of fresh raw slices and bliss balls Primal Pantry did not disappoint. On par with similar cafés in Melbourne in food quality and the fine details like rapadura sugar on the tables.

primal pantry7

*I even went back for a take-away smoothie the next day*

Meeting a deficit in the sleepy Toowoomba market for whole food eats, Primal Pantry has created a lovely niche that many people have been waiting to be filled. Bringing hope for the beginning of a new era for Queensland’s South East.primal pantry1

Well done, Primal Pantry!

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