A Quick Trip Home: Toowoomba

Sometimes it’s nice to go back to where you came from. It’s funny how both you and a place can change in small but significant ways that can only happen over time. Going back seems to make them more apparent.

So there we were, driving from Brisbane to Toowoomba, into the sunset. It would have been rather poetic, if the Golden Arches weren’t so prominent.

qld trip

We surprised my parents with a knock on the door (how we managed to keep our trip a secret, I will never know). The video of my mum getting the fright of her life when she saw us standing there will be something I will relish, and probably won’t share… “Don’t you put that on Facebook!” Were the first words she said that made sense.

We time shared between friends and both sides of the family. Tried some new places, popped back in to old ones. Meals around the family dinner table and catching up face to face is always the best. I wish I had of taken more photos with the Osborne side of the family.

qld trip3
Me, Mum, and Hannah

Regan played a gig at The Mort Estate, a hotel that has been bought and upgraded by some of our loveliest friends. If you are in the area, support some locals who are putting a lot of effort in to make Toowoomba a classier place.

The only thing missing was my dear girl, Kayla. My feline bestie since I was 3 years old. She lived a long, rich life that can only come with traveling all over Queensland and winning fights against dogs more than twice her size. It was the first time I had been in the family home without her, for as long as my memory stretches. She passed into pet heaven last year, after 20 years of service to the Solomon family. Forever loved and missed.

My Kayla girl

Regan and I came home to Melbourne, sporting new haircuts and hearts full of happiness at seeing people, places and animals that are dear to us. What a trip! And now onwards into year 2/5 of University.

qld trip2

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