A Past Adventure: Jean Paul Gaultier

A few weeks ago now, I met up with my gorgeous cousin Edwina and we visited the National Gallery of Victoria for an exhibition of fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier’s work.

There was no warning or advice about not taking photos. So, if you missed out- enjoy the few small moments that I captured.

It was amazing.


The exhibition included inspiration pieces, garments, paintings, photographs and various art pieces that reflected the man Jean Paul Gaultier became.



Ordered thematically, there were dresses worn by celebrities (Beyonce, Nicole Kidman, Dita Von Teese to name a few).


Entire rooms were dedicated to each theme he his designs have represented. From boudoir, to movie costumes, anatomically printed garments, Brittish Punk Rock, cone shell boobs, corsets…


The further I explored the exhibition, the deeper I felt involved and attached to his work. He demonstrates attention to such fine details and his designs always embody socio-political symbolism that (in retrospect) are streets ahead.


Bold, emotional, textured, detailed and lavish are a few words I would use to describe the experience of the exhibition.


This was the final piece at the exhibition. A metallic framework, deceptively made of leather.


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