An Adventure: Raw Trader and Niew Amsterdam

Regan and I have had a big and busy few months. We decided it was time to visit the city and spoil ourselves a little, the best way we know how: food!

We did dessert before dinner. Because, why not!

niew amsterdam6

We popped in to Raw Trader for some organic and raw, sweet treats.

Regan had the cappuccino cheesecake, while I had the peach and passionfruit slice. Both were amazing in texture and flavour, but I have to say once I tasted Regan’s- I proposed a swap. He declined.

On to dinner!

There is a little bar/restaurant tucked away in a little laneway in Melbourne. Hardware Lane to be exact.

It has a dark exterior and a doormat out the front. Naturally, Regan and I wandered in. Downstairs is a dark bar, with booths and candles providing dim, flickering ambience. Upstairs, the restaurant component is light with big arch windows and tables in every nook.

niew amsterdam5
Upstairs resaurant- Niew Amsterdam


To start, we splurged on the scallops. BEST DECISION! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this dish was. Scallops, mango gazpacho, avo and chillies. Wow.

niew amsterdam4


Regan ordered Beef Brisket with Kimchi, and I the Pork Belly with Sauerkraut. Both meals were tender, juicy and best of all- delicious! We sat swapping plates every few minutes because both of them were just that good.

Beef Brisket
Beef Brisket and kimchi veges
niew amsterdam3
Pork Belly with crackling and Sauerkraut

We ordered a side of greens with seaweed salt, and a naughty serve of wedges. Regan indulged in some craft beers from the bar, and I had a delicious cocktail.

niew amsterdam


Niew Amsterdam was a little more on the expensive side of where we normally choose to dine. The service was amazing, with friendly, attentive staff; and the quality of the food was beyond what we expected.

Niew Amsterdam, we will be back. Thank you for an amazing dining experience!


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