An Adventure: St Kilda Festival

Yesterday, Regan, Alister and myself made our way into the St Kilda Festival.

st kilda fest

By the time we got in there, it was 3pm and the crowd seemed to still be growing by the minute. The day started out overcast and cloudy, but by about 4pm the sun was beating down (Regan got a bit sunburnt).

st kilda fest1

Thanks to daylight savings, the sun didn’t set until about 8.30pm and a sea breeze rolled in, cooling everything right down.

st kilda fest3

The festival was alive and loud. The main stage was right on the beach, with a sandy floor and a first class sea view. Salsa music played at another stage, where dancers all formed partnerships and jived the day away. Buskers and vendors of all sorts lined the cordoned off streets, offering a feast for the senses.

There were rides, clothing stalls, leather goods, sunglasses stalls, fake tattoos, yoga, zumba, music, and best of all… food.

st kilda fest2
Food stalls ranged from ‘Vegelicious’ vegetarian, to a Sicilian BBQ for the carnivores, organic icecream, fish and chips, Greek food, cups of roasted corn, the list goes on.

st kilda fest4

The St Kilda festival is a free event.

– No entry fee- just wander on in

– Alcohol free, with lots of families and people of all ages having a great time

– Free Chia Pods were being handed out, and so we ate banana and chia for lunch.

st kilda fest5

The last act on the main stage was Hot Dub Time Machine, a DJ who plays music in chronological order from the 1950’s to the current day. Everyone was dancing in the streets and having a great time to the old classics through to the modern hits.

It was such an amazing day, definitely an experience to look forward to again next year.

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