Melbourne Adventure: Short Stop

Ok, there is nothing clean or green to see here. If you are avoiding temptation at the moment- probably best to move along.

It was my birthday, so Regan took me into the city for some fun. We all deserve a treat or two on our birthday, right?

Short stop is a local donut boutique in the Melbourne CBD. All they sell is is donuts, in exotic flavours.

We have heard raving reviews about it, and after following them on Instagram we couldn’t resist it any longer.


I asked for a gluten free option, but they are ‘working on it’ after high demand.


Regan excited to eat his Peanut butter and Jam donut…


It was amazing, but after being gluten free for such a long time it was a bit of a system overload- was it worth it? Totally. Would I do it again? Not anytime soon!

Please Short Stop, bring on your gluten free option!


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