Cherry Sauce – Slow Cooked

Our neighbour called us over to help her with a job in her yard, about a week ago. When we went out the back, we saw a huge tree, laden with cherries. She had pulled the protective net off, and told us to pick what we wanted because the birds would have the rest in the morning.

So, up the ladder we went, picking for about 2 hours. We filled bags and bags with red, juicy cherries and left the branches as bare as possible.

The cherries had never had pesticides, sprays or any other human intervention. The harvest was shared around with the other neighbours and we took a bag home for ourselves.

We spent the next night pitting cherries, and our kitchen looked like a crime scene. Juice splattered everywhere. But after a few more hours of labour, we had a crock pot full of pitted cherries.



We cooked the cherries down for almost 2 days. A few flavour ’embellishments’ were added for enhancement.

We went with some festive and warming additions. Cinnamon, maple, and some lemon juice.

We had hoped to make jam, but the cherries were so juicy and already so sweet that condensing it down even further wouldn’t have done them justice. After 2 days, we blended it all together with the Bamix and turned it into a cherry sauce.

We bottled it up into sterilized jars and we have some gorgeous gifts for our friends!


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