Grill’d: Gluten free bun

Regan and I went to Grill’d for lunch after our last exam. It was an early morning time-slot, so we were ravenous by the time we finished (sorry we went without you, Kat!).

We went to Grill’d, after hearing about their new gluten free, grain free AND dairy free bun!

It sounded too good to be true. Now, we love a good a burger- but being gluten free often intercepts any burger eating intentions we have. It is becoming more popular to have gluten free option on the menu, and I have found it easier in Melbourne (with the variety and the recent Paleo diet trends) to be accommodated. But, that being said- often gluten free buns are filled with sugar, highly refined ingredients and are all round disappointing substitutes to hold some meat and salad together.

Is this the answer to our problems?


Grill’d have 2 gluten free burger options on their menu. The difference being that this one is a lot lower in carbs (9 grams) and has no dairy or grains.

It cost $1.50 extra (which is comparable to other burgers I’ve had which are generally $2.00) but it means that a basic burger goes from being $9.50 to $11.

The moment of truth was delivered to our table…


You can see Regan’s burger (on a plain non-GF bun) in the background certainly is bready and quite big. Whereas mine was a little more pancake-y and flat.

I did expect more volume on my bun, but also felt glad that it wasn’t taking over the whole burger.

So, how did it compare?

Well, it got soggy VERY quickly. The burger was super juicy and the bun did nothing to absorb the mess that ran down my arms.

It also broke apart in my hands, and was very fragile. I felt like I couldn’t put it down to take a break, or a photo. I did manage to, right at the end and had to be very tender with it.


The bun tore really easily, but because it was full of juice it managed to stick together.


Overall, I am excited that Grill’d has a GF option. I wouldn’t rave about the quality of the bun, I think they have a bit of perfecting to do with the texture and strength of it. The burger filling however was just as it should be: fresh, juicy, great quality produce and tasty.

I would go back for more- but armed with plenty of napkins and perhaps I would cut it in half first so that I wouldn’t have to hold the burger the whole time I’m eating it.


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