Procrastination Pana Chocolate

A visit to Pana Chocolate was much anticipated. My friend, Kat and I have been talking about it for ages. So, in the middle of exam block we trekked into Richmond to procrastinate and taste some of the delicacies that Pana Chocolate have claimed to have perfected.


We were met with a cabinet full of raw goodies. The most difficult thing was making a decision.

I chose a Raspberry Ripe, Kat chose a Sneaker (raw Snickers bar) and peanut butter and chocolate slice.


The set out of the shop is visually interesting and striking.


My favourite feature was the wall, with clipboards and inspirational quotes.


I was not disappointed by my Raspberry Ripe slice. It was amazing. It was rich, sweet, tart, chocolate-y and melted in my mouth. I am going to try and replicate this recipe. I’m not sure how it will go- but I need to find a way to eat it again… without making a trip to Richmond!


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