Summertime Smoothie

Summer is coming, the weather is warming up and we have been having some beautiful sunny days. The nights are warm, and it seems only fitting that we have something cool to sip on in the evenings.

Watermelon smoothies it is.






Lemon juice

Would be awesome with: Mango


Step 1: Use as many ingredients frozen, if possible.

watermelon smoothie2

Step 2: Blend together, in quantities that you decide.

Step 3: Relax as you sip on a glass of summer ❤

watermelon smoothie3

One thought on “Summertime Smoothie

  1. aynjele

    Reblogged this on aynjele and commented:
    I like these. Mine are a combination of watermelon, either santa claus melon or cantalope, a bit of pumpkin pie spice and ground cloves. I use fresh melons rather than frozen. Anyway a watermelon smoothie gets made, it’s both delicious and nutritious.


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