An Adventure: To Biba Academy

Regan and I were both overdue for a haircut.

I wouldn’t dare say how long ago my last cut was. Regan’s last hair cut was probably a couple of months ago, and his grows quite quickly.

In an attempt to make ourselves look presentable, at an affordable price we looked around for the best place to get a cheap cut.

Biba is a renowned hair salon, with locations in many prestigious areas of Melbourne. Attached to the Biba salon is a training academy for hair and beauty students. They offer very cheaply priced services to the public, in exchange that you allow the students to gain experience from cutting your hair.

I’ll admit- I was nervous.

Regan had convinced me to get some length taken off my hair. It was getting tangled, and hard to manage, so I agreed and booked the appointment.


The academy, located in Fitzroy was easy to find and the staff were friendly. It was a big open plan salon, with a split first level for cuts and colours, and upstairs for students doing basic training. The salon was incredibly raw and industrial in feel. The red brick with raw timber gave it a warm earthy feel. Single bulb pendants hung around, and lots of natural light flooded the salon.

Beautiful counter, on entering

Our hairdressers were two lovely ladies, who were quite experienced, and halfway through their training. There were about three trained proffessionals, who supervised the students, giving advice and direction when needed. That certainly eased my mind!

Firstly, we had a talk with our hairdressers about what we wanted. Regan was going to shave the lot off, but I convinced him to shorten the sides and leave some on top.

I asked for a shoulder-grazing bob to get rid of the ends and cut off most of the balayage blonde that had dried my hair out.

Hair inspo- the 'long bob'
Hair inspo- the ‘long bob’

Next, we had our hair washed with some natural shampoo and conditioner, free from parabens and sulphates. The academy also sells this range to the public at quite reasonable prices ($25 for one product, or $40 for two).


And then, the moment of truth. The hair cut. The ladies did an excellent job, adhering to the styles we requested and scrutinizing every detail until it was perfected.

Progress shot
Progress shot

They cut with precision and care, perhaps even better than some of the hair cuts I have had in the past.

Almost done!
Almost done!

Finally, to finish we both got a blow dry, and I got my hair straightened.

Before and after
Before and after

Going to the Biba Academy was a great experience. It felt great to get a hair cut, and to know that we were helping out other students reach their career aspirations. My hair feels soft and healthy, and Regan’s looks suave and edgy.

Before and after!
Before and after!

The salon was professional and affordable. We only paid $25 each!

Thanks for the adventure, Biba- we will be back!

Beautiful mural wall, near the academy
Beautiful mural wall, near the academy

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