20 Lifehacks to Drink More Water

Almost everyone knows they should drink more water. We all could probably do with a boost in our hydration, which has been proven to improve energy levels, quality of sleep, detox the body, clear skin of acne, increase productivity and metabolism (among countless more benefits).

I have collected some hints and tips, and have some foolproof ways to boost your water intake. Here are 20 Lifehacks to drink more water, everyday.

We know we need it, here’s how to get it.

1. Know how much to drink: 1L:25kg. A good estimate to how much you should be drinking is 1 liter for every 25 kilograms of body mass, per day. For example, if you weigh 75kg aim to have 3+ liters of water.

2. Drink 1L:1hr of excercise. Every time you break a sweat and increase heart rate, drink an extra 1 liter for every hour.

3. Choose a bottle or cup that you love. If you love the look of your water container, you will be more likely to enjoy having it around. Whether it’s on your desk, kitchen bench or in your sports bag.

I love this bottle, from KOR (www.korwater.com)
I love this bottle, from KOR (www.korwater.com)

4. Keep your cute new water bottle on hand, all the time!

5. Refill it.  When it is empty- put more in the bottle.This sounds simple, but is easy to forget.

6. Classically condition yourself. Ever heard of Pavlov’s Dogs? A guy called Pavlov taught his dogs to associate the sound of a bell with their food being served. Pretty soon, just the sound of the bell (without food) would make the dogs salivate and trigger their hunger response. Humans can be ‘trained’ the same way. Train yourself to associate a regular event with drinking water. For example, if you check your emails regularly throughout the day, take a drink of water each time. Soon, you’ll be drinking water, without even consciously thinking about it.


7. Drink a glass of water, as soon as you wake up. I keep a glass beside my bed, and before my feet even hit the floor I’ve had 500mL of water.

8. Have a glass before going to bed. The health benefits are numerous including better sleep and aiding weight loss. Read more here.

9. If you think water tastes boring- add fruit juice for flavour. Try lemon juice, cucumber slices and and mint for a hydrating summer drink. More recipes here.

flavoured tea
Naturally flavoured water (www.theyummylife.com)

10. Drink herbal teas. Most herbal tea will count as water, if they are caffeine free. Try chamomile, raspberry leaf, or nettle tea.

11. Many fresh foods have a high water content. Introduce them into your meals, to get more water without thinking about it. For example, have a slice of watermelon with your breakfast- watermelon is 92% water!


12. Have a glass of water before or after every meal. It will also help to speed up your metabolism.

13. Put water jugs and bottles where you can see them. I read a story about one lady who would fill 6 water bottles, and put them on her kitchen bench in plain view. Throughout the day she would see them, and remember to drink. She would also set a goal to finish drinking all 6 water bottles by 6pm and it worked! Which leads me to my next hack:

14. Set a goal for yourself. Set an amount of water, and a time in the day you should have finished it by. Start small. For example, 700mL by 11am, and then 1.5L by 1pm and so on.

water goals
Taken from Pinterest

15. Buy a good water filter. It will decrease the bad things, and probably improve the taste too!

16. Drink water before anything else. Meeting a friend for coffee? Have a glass of water first.

17. Eating out? Always get a jug of water for the table.

Pouring water into glass

18. Understand why you should drink more water. If you know the benefits of being hydrated, it will be easy to stay motivated to keep sipping. ‘Breaking Muscle’ has listed 10 Life-Changing Reasons to Drink More Water. 

19. Record how much you’re drinking. There’s some fancy apps that you can put on your smart phone that will do it for you. Check out this FREE app: Waterlogged.


20. Don’t get overwhelmed, 3 liters may seem like a mammoth task. But start now and build your way up: Small sips, often.


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