Raw Vegan Spaghetti/Pasta

If you are a pasta lover and need a low-carb or gluten free version closer to the real thing then zucchini spaghetti is for you! I called this recipe ‘raw’ technically it isn’t, as it is being heated up- however if you are strictly raw you can always use the same technique but skip the cooking stage.

This is a great recipe for one, or a family; super-quick and super-versatile. Serve with your favorite meat and sauce.

“How does a zucchini become spaghetti?” you ask. You simply use a vegetable peeler/spiralizer to strip the zucchini down to the seeds, breaking apart any pieces that stick together.

I don’t know if making a vegetable into spaghetti tricks your mind somehow, but I ate almost two medium zucchini this way. It is a great way to include more vegetables in your meal and avoid gluten and carbs at the same time.

Peeled Zucchini
Peeled Zucchini


(serves 2)

2 x Zucchini

1-2 teaspoons of Butter (use olive or coconut oil for vegan option)

1-2 teaspoons of Garlic


A good squeeze of Lemon juice

zuc spag 2
Garlic, herbs, zucchini, butter and lemon


Step 1: Using a vegetable peeler or spiralizer, shred the zucchini down to the seeds (I leave the skin on)

Step 2: Heat up butter and garlic in saucepan

zuc spag 3

Step 3: When garlic becomes fragrant, add the herbs and zucchini

Step 4: Using some tongs, twirl the zucchini around in the pan until the colour of the zucchini becomes bright yellow-green (or cook to your taste).

zuc spag 4

Step 5: Squeeze lemon over the zucchini and serve up!

Savoury lentils on Zucchini Spaghetti
Savoury lentils on Zucchini Spaghetti



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