Chocolate Chia Energy Bars


Finished Product: Chocolate Chia Energy Bars
Finished Product: Chocolate Chia Energy Bars

Chia and chocolate are one of my favourite combinations. Together, they make for a great source of energy and flavours. This recipe is packed with nutrients and protein, is gluten free and has no refined sugar!

These bars are a great raw treat, and would be perfect to take as a snack to work or uni. The cocoa could be replaced with cacao or protein powder, as per your nutritional/energy requirements. They don’t require baking, just a food processor and refrigeration.

One last quick note, it is recommended to increase water intake when you eat these. As the chia is added as a dry seed (not soaked) they have the ability to absorb 10x their weight in water. Keeping hydrated will aid digestion and will make you feel fuller, for longer. To find out more about the benefits of these amazing seeds, click here.

Flat lay of Chocolate Chia Energy Bars (Note: Coconut Oil didn't make it into the photo)
Flat lay of Chocolate Chia Energy Bar Ingredients (Note: Coconut Oil didn’t make it into the photo)


1 ½ cups pitted dates

⅓ cup raw unsweetened cocoa powder/protein powder

⅓ cup whole chia seeds

½ tsp. vanilla extract, optional

¼ tsp. almond extract, optional

1 cup raw almonds or raw shelled pistachios

1 tablespoon of raw honey (or to taste)

2 tablespoons of coconut oil



  1. Place almonds in bowl of food processor and pulse until a nice almond meal forms. Remove almond meal from processor.
  2. Place dates in bowl of food processor; purée until thick paste forms.
  3. Add cocoa powder, chia seeds, and vanilla and almond extracts, if using. Pulse until all ingredients are combined.
  4. Add almond meal; pulse until nuts are finely chopped and well distributed through date mixture.
  5. Melt coconut oil and honey together and drizzle into the mix, stir until combined.
  6. Use a piece of wax paper that will fit into your baking tin. Transfer date mixture to wax paper, and use paper to press mixture into ½-inch-thick rectangle. Wrap tightly in glad wrap and chill overnight.
  7. Unwrap block, and cut into bars or squares. Enjoy your superfood Chocolate Chia bar!

Regan’s Thoughts:

“Not super sweet, but sweet enough. They taste good. I’d like to try them blended with a muslie bar. Like a choc top.”

Give these a go, they are simple and easy to make! Let me know how yours turn out.

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